Kalayakgosi Museum For Cultural Heritage For Social And Economic Change

Will be a Cultural Tourism for Social and Economic Change with a multifaceted culture for Basarwa, Bayei, Bakgalagadi, Hambukushu and Ovambanderu and Ovaherero, strive to reduce the negative impact of poverty, Socio economic inequalities, cultural & moral decay, protect our cultural heritage & knowledge.

These proposed project is designed to use eco tourism as Social & Economic changer within the North West region because of these diverse cultural practices, heritage sites and natural resources. Northern Botswana is a tourism Hub for the country so if we do not change the path that distribute wealth and economic empowerment which kept the residents of the region of the poor we will not achieve our mandate.

The proposed museum will be promoting & marketing cultural knowledge preservations, cultural skills transfer, Cultural & heritage stop over through these process will distribute wealth to the host families as our endeavor for social and economic change.

Cultural knowledge Preservation
Due to tourism activities, cultural exchange of both products and services which the tourists and our communities benefit from, the experience and influence of the exchange may leave a negative  impact of social change that need to be managed.
The impact of the experience on our cultural gate keeper bring a social change that endanger our cultural knowledge.
• The project seeks to identify the cultural knowledge gate keepers to digital record and archive their work.
• Package the product and then sale together with collecting royalties for being used in any public domain radios.

What is a Totem?
The occurrence of totems is widespread throughout Africa, and indeed, throughout the world. It is an ancient practice that identifies certain characteristics across the species divide, and intrinsically links humans to the natural world. Totems hold significant cultural and spiritual value for many of Botswana’s indigenous people.

They are symbolic representations of a strong association with a particular animal or object and with the natural world in general. These symbols are used in various African cultural practices to identify clan or family affiliations, maintain a sense of cultural identity and pride, and connect individuals to their ancestral roots. In the past, chiefs would adorn their dwelling places and paraphernalia with images of the clan’s totem, and today, many different clans share the same totem even though they are not related

Cultural Skill Transfer
Our forefather within the region had been so rich & talented with indigenous skills of different types, this had sustained their families through the trying times, they did all they knew how to designed crafts, other products, sign songs, poems, and danced to attract tourists and other markets.

Due to societal changes and other influences these skills haven’t been easily passed from generation to generation effectively.
• The project seeks to identify the cultural skills gatekeepers with the wealth of indigenous skills.
• Package the skills as products & services, preserve them and diversify for socio economic empowerment.


Cultural Stop Over Museum Explorer Tours – Botswana base operators will also have an easy 5 days 4 nights circuit for local and internationals travelers visiting these well thought about package as an add on to the wildlife experience.

Creating Necessity – by roundup our tourism network and educational institutions to pioneer the Cultural Stop Over Museums Tours in Botswana as it is already happening elsewhere.

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