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We are a team of experienced travel experts who specialize in planning and organizing unforgettable travel experiences for our clients with a wide range of travel services, including flight bookings, hotel reservations and more.


Strive to bring people and nature closer to each other by meeting customer needs; innovation; environmental friendly clean and well-maintained facilities; preservation of natural surroundings and resources; affordable, safe, and accessible recreational activities.  


To create and nurture a professional, exuberant, respectful, and enjoyable indigenously owned safari, in    which our employees are fairly compensated and encouraged to “build successful and rewarding relationships with all of our valued customers”.   


Provide life changing experiences through our local knowledge 

Our Team

Ms Puo Gaolaolwe
Reception and Sales Operations

Puo Gaolaolwe born and raised in Boteti region. She joined Sexhebe Guest House in 2012 and has 6 experience as a supervisor and 5 years as a manager, 11 years of experience. She completed her Cambridge in 1995

Gako Motanzi
House keeper

Gako Motanzi was born in Shakawe and raised within Okavango Region. Joined Sexhebe Guest House in 2014, she has 9 years experience as a House keeper and also does cocking when chefs are not available. Completed her 3 year JC in 2003
Church Goway

Ras K . Munduu
Tour and Safaris Operations

Brief story of my journey into Tourism!!

Kamananisa Munduu affectionately known as Ras in the Tourism corridors, grew up near Lake Ngami communal lands and in the nearby Kalahari desert, 150 km South West of Maun, where my parents (Ova Mbanderu /Ova Herero) farms. This area is well known as a big ‘cattle baron’ traditional farming area in Botswana.

Back on the farm my father had asked a few San (Bushmen) friends to give my brother (BB also a safari guide) and I some tracking lessons, to develop our power of observation skills and bush survival lessons. My dad believed that learning by doing is the best method of knowledge transfer. Consequently we were taken out on hunting expeditions by these elders to master their arts and skills. In my youth, back in 1981, I saw a Bird Safari hunting vehicle while herding cattle with my younger brother and I was fascinated by the design. I said to brother I would like to do something that when I finish school. We skipped school once in while to go watch hunters shooting birds and we acted as beaters and took birds home to eat.

In school years I joined the wildlife club and I was lucky enough to have gone on a school trip to Moremi , Savuti, Chobe where I again saw safari vehicles after a long gap. After high school I did national service (Tirelo Sechaba) in Molepole / Dutlwe Wildlife camp / Khutse Game Reserve with Department of  Wildlife National Parks 1995 – 1996. This period further inspired my passion for a bush safari, wildlife and teaching people about these wilderness mysteries. While I was there I heard about a guiding license examination and I applied to write and succeeded. Armed with my guiding license  I completed  my driving test  and  secured a drivers licence too.

In 1997 there was advert for newly opened lodge Muchenje Safari Lodge  near Ngoma Gate to Chobe National Park – March  1997, were looking for young guides, with no experiences but with  guide’s  license  and  a  driver’s license, to  come learn and  apprentice  to get exposure and experience. The late  Philney  M  Matengu  mentored me into humble passionate knowledgeable guide in April of 1997.While  in the Chobe National Park and I heard about the Kwando / Linyanti game area after seeing Dereck & Bevely Joubert’s films. I met the manager at Kwando Safari’s Lagoon Camp, Mr Phil Aaron at Ngoma Gate  had a safari vehicle with no roof cover  and tracker seat, something  that  was  new  to  Botswana a brain child of  Kevin Leo Smith who developed Phinda Game Reserve back in 1990 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phinda_Private_Game_Reserve.

After successfully enjoyed  my  career  at  Kwando safaris  I contacted Wilderness Safaris in 2006 to see what made their business special and what they did differently to other operators. Wilderness Safaris were providing a local training empowerment program for guides and managers. After 20 years of keeping the tourism wheel turning for other people and companies, I took a risk of not working for a salary and then registered to operate a safari guiding and eco tourism logistic support services to self drive travellers. We  meet  with  Mr  B J Kalayakgosi  in  2012 and  our  interest  developed further  into vertical  ownership of  Barkan  Holdings  Pty – Barkan Travel and Tours. We truly believe that for “any idea to succeed you need passionate people to drive your core values”

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Our  Humble Beginnings

After spending 24 years as a professional army officer, Mr. Barongwa Kalayakgosi was inspired by entrepreneurship and registered the trading company Barkan Holdings PTY (LTD) in 2000. The word comes from the prefix of the two names: BAR = Barongwa. Kan = Kangwangwane means “BARKAN`. The two directors are dedicated to achieving goals with every capability and great ideas, promising high-quality services to our clientele in construction and maintenance. The trading was very good. The company grew into microlending and financing in 2004, then dropped off from professional service to start a family life and then married Ms. Poitshego in 2007. They are blessed with four children.

While enjoying family time, the duo registered a foundation trust to support corporate social responsibility and charity for the less privileged in Selibe Phikwe, named Kalayagosi Foundation Trust. Barkan Holdings Pty Ltd. saw the need for accommodation in Gumare. Sexhebe Guest House was built in 2012 with five rooms. Thereafter, Barkan Travel and Tours was founded in 2017 to book travel arrangements in Botswana and operate safaris for Sexhebe Guest House. These travel companies then expanded to include a mobile safari section affectionately known as Cykebo to utilize the unbeaten tracks of Tsodilo Hills, Gcwihaba Caves and to showcase the beauty of the Okavango Delta, where he grew up and played.


Our brand is built around the mother of all which to show the linkage and roots from way back in 2000. “Barkan Holdings” since 2000 dedicated to achieving our goals with every capability and great ideas, promising high-quality services to our clientele in construction and maintenance .

“Kalayakgosi Foundation Trust ” 2007 “To provide an opportunity for youth at risk to develop a healthy drug free, crime free life with shelter, education, skills, positive attitudes and personal qualities through the culture of learning and work, in order to re- enter the society and become productive members of the community.” Our Conservation Charity Vision is to inspire and conservation action to support global biodiversity to switch to green energy by using solar water pumping for Farmers.

“Sexhebe Guest House ” since 2012 Our guest house appeals to the heart, body and soul of adventurer travelers from every corner of the world reconnects with Africa with Sexhebe, a perfect escape from the noisy and rushed atmosphere of city life simply termed “Cultural Heritage experience on the fringes of Okavango Delta”.

“Barkan Travel and Tours ” since 2017 making travel arrangements for Sexhebe guest because of our experience and local knowledge, commitment to quality and integrity in continually changing market and customer are more informed about their options. Botswana preservation of the natural resources if spearheaded and led by community because for the economic value and to leave a legacy for our children . The running warthog with a tail up so we could be seen in the Foreigner Monopolized Industry.

“Cykebo Mobile Safaris ” since 2018 to promote camping out for Sexhebe guest the Tourism Heritage Trail of Qcwhihaba caves , Xai Xai, Qangwa Tsodilo cultural experience , add on an overnight mokoro in Okavango Delta before proceeding onwards to Etosha Pan National Park or Victoria Falls.

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